How It Works

In order for our Dentist to provide relief for your pain or problem, we must, by law, acquire the following information about you; about your chief complaint; about your health history. You will be asked to completely provide all the information requested to the best of your knowledge.

The Process Starts with the Following Steps:

  1. Click on the "Begin Login" tab to establish a Login and Password then proceed to Registration (approximately 2 mins.).
  2. Medical/Dental Health History & Digital Signature (approximately 5 mins.).
  3. Chief Complaint & Nature of Pain (approximately 2 mins.)..
  4. Capture your picture and driver's license or other state issued picture ID (approximately 4 mins.).
  5. Payment by Credit Card (approximately 3 mins.).

After completion of the steps above you will see the Dentist:

  1. You will have a "face to face" video conference with our staff Dentist via WeBeX.
  2. The staff  Dentist will go over the findings you have presented, make the Diagnosis, and decide the proper treatment.
  3. If appropriate, your prescriptions will be either Faxed, Emailed, or Electronically sent to the participating pharmacy nearest you.
  4. You are provided a list of participating Dentists, so you may choose a Dentist to see within 72 hours to secure a permanent solution for your problem.
  5. You go to the Pharmacy to pick up your medication(s).