Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who can use this service?

Any adult over the age of 18 can use our service. For those younger than 18, a parent or guardian must make the connection.

2. What pain medications can I get?

Many different pain medications, such as Tylenol #3 or Vicodin, can be used to relieve dental pain. From your Health History and your face to face interview, our licensed dentist, will decide if a prescription medication is in order, and the appropriate pain medication and or antibiotic to be given.

3. Does my insurance cover the cost of this service?

Maybe. Although we require payment by credit card at the time of service. We supply you with a report and a receipt which you can submit to your insurance carrier and, in some instances, be reimbursed.

4. How often can I use this site to get pain relief?

To avoid abuse by those only seeking drugs, a patient can access this site to procure prescription pain meds only once in any 90 day period. Furthermore, only a limited supply of pain meds will be given (enough to keep a patient comfortable for 72 hours). You will be offered referrals to local dentists for a permanent solution to your pain problem.

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